My name is Phil Amos, I live in Byfleet with my wife and two young children. I like to:

  • Run.
  • Go swimming with my children.
  • Have barbeques in the back garden.
  • Help children improve their athletics.
  • Watch the Olympics.
  • Watch Roger Federer.
  • Watch Usain Bolt.
  • Watch England win at Twickenham.
  • Ski and eat lunch in the mountains.
  • Understand how people learn.
  • Improve my coaching and tutoring skills.
  • Go out to dinner with my wife (without our children!)
  • Go out to dinner with my wife (with our children).
  • Have a coffee after dinner.
  • A cup of tea in the morning.
  • Watch Jerry McGuire, Coach Carter and the Shawshank Redemption.
  • Eat mussels for lunch, in the shade on a beach.
  • Listen to 80′s music.